The Power of Your Thoughts

The Power of Your Thoughts

Do you ever sit and think about your thinking? What do you think of yourself? Do you say positive or negative things when you are having conversations with yourself? (don’t act like this doesn’t happen to you…) How about the people you hang out with every day? How is their thinking? Thoughts are very powerful and the more we think one way or the other the more we tend to believe the truth of that thought. Breaking the pattern of negative thinking for some people is not easy, but don’t give into the negativity. Life gives us a lot of good and bad, open and closed doors, ups and downs, laughs and cries and with all of this comes your outlook on these situations. I have been very guilty of looking at that glass half empty instead of half full but I have learned that thinking that way really does not help myself, my business, my relationships, and my situations- it makes it 10 times worse. Some times in life, God makes us take a huge step back and re-evaluate our lives and you realize how truly blessed you are. Then you tell yourself, why do I think bad thoughts about myself? About the season I am in? About my life and others involved in it? These negative thoughts take you into a place of self-pity and discouragement and honestly just make you feel like crap. You can start having more pain and discomfort in your body the more negative thoughts you think. So STOP. Today, if you read this, I want you to start saying only good things about yourself and your life. Are you alive today? I would say that’s a big positive. Are you healthy? Do you have a job? A house? Food on the table every single day? Those are all positive things so be thankful for them, even if they seem small. Every morning, wake up and say 5 positive things about yourself. When you start to feel stressed or get upset about a situation, stop and say 5 more positive things about yourself, the day, or anything that is surrounding you. If you are surrounding yourself with negative people and energy, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your environment. And don’t compare your life with anyone, especially on the FB and the ‘Gram (that’s Instagram in case y’all were wondering). Those pictures are a moment in time, everyone wants to put their best moments for everyone to see, you never know what is going on behind those pictures…

So today, I want you to change your mind set and think as many positive thoughts about your life as you can! You will be surprised how much better you will feel throughout the day. Don’t ever let anyone or anything make you feel like you’re not good enough, we all have a great purpose and need to continue on our own, positive journeys. Now go say a lot of great things about yourself!

To your amazing health,

Dr. Katie  


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